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  • We have the simplest logic to quickly manage your playlists.

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  • As a DJ, you can create your playlists in the app and later perform them live in your mix software.

  • We offer full length mixes, which are usually only for DJs.

  • Add tracks to your likes and buy them afterwards via the web.


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You're a music fan?

As a music Fan you’re able to stream and also buy high quality selected music. We only give you access of finest music selection of Electronic Music, Dance, Urban, Chill, Latino and Jazz. Benefit from the Top10 charts and playlists of our DJs and follow your favorite artists. It has never been easier to create and organize your playlists. We offer hundreds of new songs every day.

You're a music PRO?

We offer our PRO services to DJs, radio stations, clubs, producers and record labels. Discover new songs and old favorites. Find the perfect playlist, create your own or browse our whole library by genre. Manage your playlists and liked songs on the go for a later download or live-stream performance. Stream on your gigs high quality Flac for a much better live entertainment. It was never easyer and better for PROs!



Yes our app runs on all Android and IOS devices, both mobile phones and tablets.

After you register as a music consumer, all features and the complete music collection are available. You will be able to stream all songs for a 2min. snipped. You can unlock full-track stream with free trial period of 30 days by follow this link.

For music PROs to get full access please follow this link.

The app can be used by music fans as well as DJs and all music PROs. Anyone who has an account on Music Worx can use the app.

We are specialized in Electronic Music, Dance, Hip Hop, Latin, Chill/Lounge and Jazz.

We recommend at least a 4G network for good streaming results. The best audio experience is achieved in offline mode to ensure uninterrupted playback.

You can cancel your registration for free at any time. You do this in your Settings>Profile section.